Tuesday, January 3, 2012

December Recap

I hope all of you guys had an amazing Christmas and New Year.
Make 2012 your year!! Dont hesitate to do things that make you happy and bring you fullfilness.
This is a small Pciture recap of my December!!!

My December Favs will soon be up!

 My X-mas Nails
 Our traditional X-MAs diner: Cheese Platter
 My NY Nails
 The cake i made 4 booboo's bday!!
 Me & my boss's dog!!! CutiePie!!
A Christmas Carol! (movie on Christmas day)
 Me & the boyfriend @ Christmas party with the fam'

My X-mas giftss, Thank you mommy!! I'm blessed
 Showerradio, and yes i've been going bonkers with this gift.
& i do look like the man on the box whilst singing hahaha lol.
 Finally i can do my make-up where ever i want because of this mirrow with lights.
 A E-book reader, very usefull!!
Me & my cat on Christmas day, not relavant but to cute!

Get ready for a blogtastic year!!!



  1. the cat + dog how cute !! seems like you had a lovely xmas :) love the mustard dress hunni xx

  2. Yes i really really did, thank you gorgeous!
    Hope you had a great one aswell xXx

  3. Gurdd and yeah it wa fab ! going on a detox now though aha xx

  4. Hahaha you and me both!! Well actually my cat 2, we found out he has a weakness for cake! Lol