Thursday, January 5, 2012

Girl Stuf 101: Lipstick Tricks 1

Hiii gorgeous people, hope you all have a wonderfull day!

I've been wanting to do this blogpost for a while so i hope it helps.
Please mind the fact that i'm not wearing any make-up and a lil shirt, i was cleaning the place up.
(Having a stay at home blablabla day :))

How to: LONG lasting lipstick

Get everything, you need: A chapstick, you lipstick of choise, a sponge, talc powder, concealer, gloss if wanted...

Step 1: Use a chapstick to get your lips ready for the real work

Step 2: Choose your lipstick colour, im grabbing my MAC Viva Glam 1

Step 3: Get your talc powder and sponge. Get a litlle powder out on the back of your hand and dip the sponge in it.

Step 4: Place the sponge on your lips with a "dapping" motion and than "pop" your lips to spread it evenly out.

Step 5: Correct any faults you may have made, this is also great for shaping your lips more.
 Then dapp it and make sure it spreads around your lips

FINISHED, this is the end result. And this is a fullproof trick, i drink SO much whenever i do this. And even thow your lips will ofcourse leave a mark on your glass, it will not effect your lip colour in any way!

If you want you can add a gloss but i love my lips matte.

Untill next time


  1. That looks a bit like MAC's Ruby Woo! But im loving this color, might have to try it out :p

    Following :)

  2. Love the colour, really suits you. and thanks for the trick, my lipstick tends o disappear very quickly so I'll definitely give this a go!. xxx