Saturday, March 31, 2012


Hiii lovely's

Yesterday the dance-sing-act group witch i work with had a concert.
So i thought it would be good to post my outfit of the night!

The concert was a big success. All the tickets were sold-out, the kids were great.
(i don't want to post any pics of them for privacy reasons, hope everyone understands.)
Anyways, on to the outfit!

Blazer: Men_at_work (last season) borrowed from a friend €70-€90            
Top: H&M  €24.95
Jeans:H&M  Skiny black jeans €9.95
Pumps: H&M €19.95

Until the next post!!!


Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Nails!

Hi lovely's

I just did my nails but i wanted to share the design and some tips with you all!

Hope you like it!!

Step 1: Paint the nails you want "plain"

Step 2: i choose 2 have 2 "accent" nails

In my back pocket - O.P.I

Alpine snow - O.P.I

I had such a hard time doing my zebra nails that i ZONED OUT and didn't take any pictures! So sorry for that. Basically you keep your hand with the black polish still and move your nail you want to paint on in a rolling motion. 

What are your nail designs at the moment?
(Review of the Sephora make-up stuff is coming up)

Have a lovely day!!


Monday, March 5, 2012


Hiii lovely's

Yesss as you can see from the title, i'm back with another haul!
I don't shop that often, i take 1 day every month or every other month and splurge.
I used to go and buy bits and bobs maybe a few times a week but i find my new method good for me lol.

One of my girls and I went to Holland, Rotterdam.
We had a great time! Unfortunately we didn’t take any pictures.
Just because of the lack of time and opportunity .
We went to Primark, H&M, Sephora, Pro 0031 (Pro shoes),…

So here are some pic’s.

Since my mom broke my M.A.C foundatoin YES SHE DID!! I wanted to try a new one. Hints the sephora foundation. The primer was needed. And i bought a face wash and tonique for my oily skin. I like it but i'll do a full review after a while!

My first ever pair of Vans!!

U can tell i'm diggin' the pastel colours this spring/summer?

Love the jewelry i bought from Primark!

I hope to do some styling blogs or more outfit of the days. I just never seem to have the time! It's so crazy.
I promise to do better!!

Love you guys