Monday, March 5, 2012


Hiii lovely's

Yesss as you can see from the title, i'm back with another haul!
I don't shop that often, i take 1 day every month or every other month and splurge.
I used to go and buy bits and bobs maybe a few times a week but i find my new method good for me lol.

One of my girls and I went to Holland, Rotterdam.
We had a great time! Unfortunately we didn’t take any pictures.
Just because of the lack of time and opportunity .
We went to Primark, H&M, Sephora, Pro 0031 (Pro shoes),…

So here are some pic’s.

Since my mom broke my M.A.C foundatoin YES SHE DID!! I wanted to try a new one. Hints the sephora foundation. The primer was needed. And i bought a face wash and tonique for my oily skin. I like it but i'll do a full review after a while!

My first ever pair of Vans!!

U can tell i'm diggin' the pastel colours this spring/summer?

Love the jewelry i bought from Primark!

I hope to do some styling blogs or more outfit of the days. I just never seem to have the time! It's so crazy.
I promise to do better!!

Love you guys


  1. Loving the sheer tops, so pretty! That's a good idea, to go only once a month, I definitely should start doing that!

  2. Thank you!! I swear it helps. Even if you splurge on that 1 day its cool cause you be a good girl for the rest of the month! Hahahah


  3. Love your blog, so I'm a new follower =)

  4. I wanna try Vans... I haven't worn sneakers since high school... am I ready?
    Loving the blog. x x x

  5. i'm obsessed by SEPHORA! :) xx if u like DIY's and fashion, check my blog :)

  6. Hi girls I love your blog I am a fan, you want to follow my own and follow my blog.
    Your blog is awesome

  7. very nice blog :D ! you should totally check out me and my sisters fashion blog :D follow for a follow? :)

  8. Thx you guys! I'm following each and every one of you lovely's!!!


  9. @Sheree Milli you should! They fit perfectly and you have them in a ton of colours!

  10. Always wanted to try more of Sephora products, so please update on that ;)
    You have such great taste in clothes and jewelry.
    Love the haul

  11. I really want to try Sephora! I love the bags and shirts :)
    Following your blog back =D

  12. Love the black Primark necklace hun,and the mint shirt!! You're blog's awsome I'm following you, please check mine out and follow back :) xx

  13. i love love LOVE the red bag!


  14. I want a pair of Vans so bad, I love them! Might have to get some now, haha.
    I've tagged you in an 11 questions tag, everything is on my blog if you want to check it out :) x

  15. Good purchases! Those vans are really cool, you've got great style, now following!

    Drea xo

  16. great buys! love mint this spring/summer aswell! :)
    check out my blog?

  17. What a great haul! I'm loving all the colors! And I think I could a need a pair of Vans as well! Yours look great :)

  18. Nice haul! I love the red bag you got! :D

    ~ Yun

  19. Looks like you had a great shopping trip, I love the bags you got! I have only just found your lovely blog and am now a follower. :-) xx

  20. I've given you the Versatile Blogger Award. :)

    Tagged you here;

    Katie xx

  21. great finds, that red bag is perfection!

    Anna B.