Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kreative Blogger

Hiii Lovely's

So as you can see from the titel i've received the "Kreative blogger award" and i cant be more excited.
The lovely Mica McLaren (you should all go follow her > http://makeupjunkietv.blogspot.com/) gave me this award.
It's so amazing to have this kind of support. It pushes me to have an even better blog

Here are the rules:

  • Link back the person who gace you the award
  • Answer the 10 questions below
  • Award 10 other bloggers and let them know
  • Share 7 random facts about yourself
The questions:
  1. Name your favourite song?
    • Hmm though one, it changes alote. Right now its "The motto by Drake, Weezy and Tyga"
  2. Favorite dessert?
    • Ice cream... Damme Blanche or vanilla & strawberry ice cream with strawberry syrup!
  3. What ticks you off?
    • Racists, in every shape or form!
  4. When i'm upset i...?
    • Shop/Read/Cry/... 
  5. Favorite pet?
    • Only have 1, my cute cat Gucci! I love him so!
  6. Black or white?
    • Meaning clothing whise...? Black
  7. Biggest fear?
    • For me to not have made a diffrence in the world. 
  8. Everyday attitude?
    • Be happy you've been giving another day. And make the most of it, but don't forget to take time for yourself.
  9. Whats perfection?
    • A world with no diffrence between ritch or poor, black or white, religion?
  10. Guilty pleasure?
    • Pide, it's a Turkish pizza. OMYGOD it tastes sooooo good!!!!

Random facts

  1. I have double nationality, Belgian and Afro-American
  2. I'm a sucker for reality shows: Love&Hip-Hop, Jersey Shore, Basketball Wives,Kourtney & Kim...
  3. I go on a vacation at least once a year
  4. I can only drink my tea with no sugar at all or an even amount. So 2 spoons, 4 spoons,...
  5. My boyfriend and i are celebrating are upcoming 4 year anniversary in Portugal!
  6. Family comes first to me no mather what
  7. I'm a tall girl,... 1,80m to be exact so about 6 feet?
10 AMAZING bloggers

So there you go. Have a blessed one.



  1. thank you so so much you sweetie! xx

  2. thanks hun ..howww nice really!!!!

  3. thank you so much, so nice of you :) X

  4. congrats on your award love, and thanks so much for thinking of me :)) you're a doll!!

  5. Thank you girly!!! Much appreciated<3