Sunday, January 22, 2012


Hiii lovely's

Hope all is well.
I had to take a lil' time out from my bloggin' because i was jobhunting and working on my projects.
Plus i'm sick, might havestomach flu witch is a PAIN!!!
So anyways the jobhunt went great, i'm a sales advisor for H&M. I start somewhere in febuary...
I was looking for something fun i could do while still studying Eventmanagement.
My boyfriend & i want to move in together so we need the money'ssss, you know how it goes.

AND i'm the eventmanager for "Young Talent School". A projects witch allows kids to come and learn sports-dancing-music-theater... Last week we had a presentation for the parents and this passed friday a special evening for the youngsters. We hope that kids will find out what their good at and maybe even make their talent into their job.

I did however had a lil' me-time here & there, and i got some shoes from my booboo. That will be my next blogpost, maybe tomorrow.

Have a blessed one


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