Monday, December 5, 2011

NYX Haulsemness

Hiiii guys

So i went online about 2 weeks ago to order some NYX make-up related things for mommy's X-mas.
And i thought to myself well i cant send something all the way from L.A for just 2 or 3 things so i went to the lipstick page and.... i went bonkers i do admit. ..

From left-right:Hebe, Sparkeling orange, Chaos, Tea Rose, Hestia, Spell Bound, Femme, Medusa, Watermelon,Mauve

The product i bought for mommy is the lipstick Hebe, the lip plum (cause god know i don't need to plum up my lips) and the grow serum mascara. I either will rap this up as it is or add some lush products. Still need to think that one true. And no she wont find all this out, i'm all ready very happy she can send and delete e-mails!

I can tell that i'm going to love the eyeliner, it applies very easy and has a very dark look AND does get dry fast. I had it open for like 5 minutes (have no clue why) and it still applied like butter. LOVING the "Chaos" lipstick to. If you want a review or something let me know.



  1. nice choice... I love nyx products:) especially their blushes!


  2. Thank you! Really? Are they higly pigmented?
    Thanks for your comment!!


  3. I tried nyx products not that long ago and now i love them! worth the hype! xxx