Sunday, December 4, 2011

November Fav's!!!

Hii guys
Im doing my monthly fav's for the first time so i hope you guys like it!!

I got this bag from Primark RDM and i LOVE it!!!!!
You could choose between black or brown but to my suprise, i don't own a brown bag. 
So deuhhh the brown one, i was a little bit scared because i thought i might not use it as much but i was wrong... 

My Armani Jeans wallet i got for my birthday!! I just love that colour. Thank you again Basim!!!

This perfume is the bomb. Im death serious! My mom bought the Alien perfume from Thierry Mugler for my birthday aswell. Its a perfect sent for fall/winter. Owh, btw this is the "eau de parfum" and not "the toilette".

My NAKED pallete, i use it every day! I really want the NAKED 2 pallete. Does anybody know where to online get it from?

A plumish lipstick from the brand Sephora. This is the first lipstick i bought from this line and i will def buy some more. Its called Sexy Gama from the Sephora rouge collection. I love matte lipsticks, if i want shine or gloss i will add it myself. I  hate shimmer in my lipproducts so thats another reason why im so in love with this one.

Another matte colour from the M.A.C line viva glam so the proceeds will go to a good charity.
I love the dark and ritchness of this colour. I went in to buy the runway or runaway red, (i keep forgetting) but thats a
limited edition and it was aaaaaall gone :( sadtimes. Awh well im loving this one nonetheless!

My new phone. Its just really user friendly!

What are your november fav's?


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