Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Elf Unboxing

Hii Guys!

How are all of you today? I woke up feeling like crap but i still got true my day!
I received my Elf box today and i wanted to share with all of you what i got...


This is how it swatches on my skin...
& on my lips.. Its in the colour "praline"

And because it was my birthday the 21 of november i got €5 free from Elf and we all know thats something!
So i got all my nailpolishes for free Whoop Whoop!!

I 'll do a november favo's tomorrowh, and its a bunch!!!



  1. I really wish I had taken advantage of the 40% off, but I missed it! sad times!
    Looks like you got a great pick of items!

  2. Awh, well that means you can justify the fact that you'll go BONKERS next time their is a sale or discount ;)!!
    I am glad with my items yes, but i forgot the setting gel eyebrow thingy... NEXT TIME!!

  3. I love ELF orders, such good value for money. The lipstick is gorgeous :) xxx

  4. I know right? It's a good switch between pricey M.A.C products and such. And the lipstick is suppose to be a lipliner but i think it looks good like this, or with a shiny gloss on top! Xxx

  5. Thanks for your comment- I would definitely recommend the lip prep, it covers the dark red of my lips nicely meaning I can wear a lighter pink or peach without it going patchy! xxx