Thursday, July 26, 2012


Hi lovely's

I just got back from my vacation in Trieste, Italy (on the border with Slovenia).
Quick note. I was suppose to take my laptop with me so i could do some updates, outfit post,...
BUT my bag was overweight! And not by 1 kilo... Try 5 to 7 hahahhaha. So i left my laptop and some other pieces out. I still want to show you guys some outfits, a haul and such.

My dad moved out to that part in Italy so it was a chance for me to visit him AND enjoy the sun.
I didn't go alone, my girl Gladys and i went for nearly 3 weeks and we had a blast.
We went to beaches, shopping, diners, Slovenia,... We did a bunch of stuff. But you know how it goes, even 3 weeks is to short to do everything you want!

Ill post some pictures below of the senary and what not. And get on with the outfits and haul post in the next couple of days.

Did you guys go on holiday or are still planning to?
Let me know


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